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About Me

I am a mother, a healer, an animal and nature lover and an assistant to Mother Earth. I found energy healing with Reiki over 10 years ago to assist a pet with a spinal condition and have since continually sought ways to expand my knowledge and awareness of various holistic healing modalities and working with energy. I have long known I was a healer and enjoy sharing my knowledge for the betterment of all.


I hold Master Reiki attunements in Usui Ryoho and Karuna Holy Fire I & II. I am a certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner EEM-CP. In Eden Energy, I work with nine energy systems of the body to assist in balancing and aligning your energy.


Everything is energy and I work with your body’s energy to help balance & align the movement of it for a happier, healthier life. Energy medicine can be beneficial for stress reduction, pain management, allergies, anxiety, focus, mood enhancement and emotional balance. Everyone’s energy is individual and my focus is the whole body.

I look forward to working with you!

Mindy Kern

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