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All sessions are clothed on a massage table. Depending upon the session they may be hands on or hands off.


Energy Balancer

This session helps to rebalance and align your energies with  a Quick Energy Balancer energy routine and other relaxing energy practices. Leave feeling refreshed and energized.

$75 - 45 mins

Energy Session

Assessment of your energetic system using muscle testing (kinesiology) after an intake assessing your goals. Tailored Eden Energy Medicine techniques based on the results of the testing and intake that best align with your energy’s needs. Energies will be tracked session to session.

$125 60-90 mins

Chakra Balancer

Balance and align major energy systems in your body, as well as clear and reset your major chakras. Chakras are pools of energy responsible for collecting and relaying information throughout your body, they govern the endocrine system and are responsible for the health of energy to organs and systems contained within them.

$75 - 45 mins

Reiki Session

A relaxing treatment of hands on & off Reiki 

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